The “battle” of the washing detergents, every one faces the same dilemma when choosing a washing powder;
Which one is the best one, should I stick with my normal one; there are so many to choose from; should I get the powder form of the liquid solution; which brand is the best?

In this post we will be reviewing some of the trusted washing power brands.

Manufactured by Unilever, OMO is one of the best selling washing power brands  and has been around for many year and is used and liked by many customers. Retailing at a cost of R 59,99 for the Auto Washing Powder 2kg and R 79.99 for the Auto Washing Power 3kg with its slogan “Dirt is Go” OMO is formulated to penetrate and remove multiple stains. It does leave your laundry with a strong sent after being washed.

Although ARIEL has been around for a couple years and is part of the Procter & Gamble brand, it has only just reach the South African market launching in May 2013 and retailing at a cost of R 64,99 for the Auto Washing Power 2kg and R 83.99 for Auto Washing Power 3kg Ariel claims to “Get Rid of Stains in 1 Wash”. It does contain bleach in the automatic washing power so be careful when using Ariel to wash dark clothing.

Also one of Unilever’s brands, Skip claims to provide superior cleaning care as it removes stains at fiber level leaving your clothes brighter in colour. Skip is also a favorite among consumers, It does not leave any residue behind after the wash cycle and retails at R 69.99 for the Intelligent Washing Power 2kg and R 94.99 for Intelligent Washing Powder 3kg. The Skip Intelligent range has replaced the Skip Auto and you won’t find the Auto in the supermarkets.

Manufactured by Tiger Brands and having an entire laundry system; Washing Power, Stain Removal and Fabric Conditions, Bio Classic is an all in one laundry system designed to work on stains and soften clothes. It’s triple concentrated and you only need to use small amounts when doing the laundry, retailing at R 34.99 for the Bio Classic Washing Powder 750kg  and R 68.00 for the Bio Classic Washing Powder 1.5kg. Bio Classic is packaged in a box and tub and not in a plastic bags as the other detergents.

These detergents are also available in 5kg and liquid form which are both suitable for top loaders and front loader washing machines. Essentially all detergent do the same thing, get rid of stains, brighten clothes and leave them smelling fresh and clean. If I was not sure which brand is the best for my laundry and could not decide I would go with the cheaper option.